Originally from near Belfast in Northern Ireland, I studied at the Ulster University College of Art where I used a range of media from performance, film and print to installation. After graduating in 2007, I took a well budgeted but unplanned adventure around Europe. This fuelled my passion for all things art – completeing a journal of drawings and writing along the way. I then moved to Manchester in 2008 where I worked as a postie, akin to my hero Charles Bukowski, and then to Newcastle Upon Tyne in 2010 to complete a Masters in Preventive Conservation.

Since then I have decided that all I want to do is draw!

I currently live in Newcastle Upon Tyne, working on illustrations and making posters, zines, cards and apparel for future projects.

THINGS I LIKE…..  snuggling, conkers, seeing, boys in shorts, you, being, DINOSAURS, trees, walking around London, girls who wear mary jane shoes and socks, toast, travelling, wonders, strong women who are weak, my uke, Germany, stars, waves, dachshunds, glow in the dark, cereal, SLOTHS, cold sea, french films, people who look just like animals, french plaits…